Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

Our son is always coming up with a scheme to make money or start a new business.  He dreams of becoming a farmer so the money-making ideas usually have an agricultural bent.  After a recent trip to his grandparents’ house and surveying their cattle herd, he decided that he really needed to invest in a calf to raise for beef.  He had grand plans for keeping this calf in our yard…  which is not large, and is in the middle of a heavily wooded subdivision.  Our neighbors currently tolerate the toys and bikes that litter our yard- a calf (and soon to be cow!) would probably not endear us to them.

We want to encourage our son in his path to be a farmer and businessman so we have reached a compromise- and embarked on a new adventure.  We are currently building a chicken coop to raise hens (no roosters!) in the backyard.  Our hope is that we will soon have four to six egg-laying pets that will teach responsibility and animal care.  Now- this is not just any chicken coop.  Because we don’t want to limit the building’s purposes or the size of our potential flock, we are building an 8’x8’ coop.  It will be the Taj Mahal of coops- we hope the girls will appreciate it.

Providence has also intervened and brought us the first potential member of the feathered family.  This young chicken needed a new home and some healing after a run-in with a dog.  She’s a sweet girl and may be destined for the Bean Chicken Ranch.


We’ll bring you more pictures and updates as we progress…  Cross your fingers for us!