Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Chicken Adventure

Earlier this year, we wrote about the Bean family’s first attempt at raising backyard chickens.  We are happy to say that all 13 chickens that we brought home are alive and well.  We are not happy to say that we are still eggless at this point.

Our plan to have pets who lay eggs has fizzled into a plan where we keep 13 freeloaders who eat (a lot!) and require their area to be cleaned frequently.  Please don’t get us wrong… we enjoy the chickens.  They can be comical and sweet.    Brownie, the smallest hen, sits on our shoulders and peeps at us.  If offered the chance, she will fly up and rest on an extended arm like a falcon.  Rhody, the rooster, fusses for a good 5 minutes when we put him up for the night.  He seems to think he is an outdoorsman and wants to sleep under the stars (bet that will change with the weather!).  Hershey, our barred bird, seems to be at the top of the pecking order even though the white hens are a good pound heavier.  (We are afraid that Hershey may be a rooster… it’s a little early to tell).  The white hens who make up the rest of the flock all look the same.  Since we can't tell them apart, we have named them all Sheila.  While they seem nice enough, the only real personality trait that they display is hunger.

Anyhow, the chickens are alive and well… just highly unproductive…


  1. Feed them red peppers seeds mixed with plain yogurt and apple cider vinegar that has mother, the pepper really gets them laying good......

  2. JLKGalleriaAnimalClinicSeptember 25, 2013 at 10:27 AM

    Don't give up I started with mine at the end of April I have 11 (ALL HENS) They started laying at the end of Aug at 23 weeks. Now I get about 8---10 eggs a day :) Good luck!